July 2023 – Message

Dear Artisans League Members, 

We have received a notice that the Culinary Kitchen and Artisan’s Studio have been rented out on Monday July 17 from 8 am to 4 pm for a member’s “Celebration of Life”.   Thanks for understanding the last-minute notification. It will be available on the 24th.   

It has been a while since you received news about our league, and we have good news!  The positions that were vacant were filled before our vote on the bylaws.  Members came forward and were appointed to complete positions that were going to be vacant due to board members stepping down.  I am pleased to announce the following changes on our board:  Marylee Marks was appointed to fill the vacancy of Vice President/President-Elect , Carole Hubiak will fill the term of Secretary and Lynda Zimmer was appointed to fill the position left by Shan Koenig.  They were each willing to accept the appointment which made an election unnecessary.  Both Carole and Lynda will serve one year, Marylee will technically be President-Elect under our new bylaws and as such will move into the position of President in May of 2024.  We also have a new Program Committee (Program will no longer be the task of the Vice President/President Elect) who have been working hard to put together a program for 2023-24.  Thank you, Cappy Santini and Suzi Colb, for taking on this responsibility.  

We are fortunate to have members willing to move into these positions; we look forward to a successful year ahead. 

Check out some of the July 2023 summer news where we have four scheduled, free sessions where you can explore some fun ideas and unique materials with other members. Blog post here

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