First Art Play – Crate Madness Aug 7th

This is part of the 2023 Art Play Series

August 7th is our first “Art Play” so want you to have all of the information.  We will start at 9am and work until noon.  Those of you who wish to stay and work can extend into the afternoon Open Studio time.  We have four sessions scheduled for August and September.  They will appear on our website so check it out and put them on your calendar. 

August 7 – Crate Madness – We will use packing crates (the type used for wine or perhaps you’ve purchased a lamp or coffee machine packed crates or egg crates) wine crates will be supplied unless you bring your own.  You will need to bring items to embellish them – look in your garage for anything that might add interest or bring old jewelry, buttons, bottle caps, pop tops, stones etc.  Acrylics will be supplies but you are encouraged to bring your own paints if you wish – spray paint can add interest and we’ll have a spray area set up.  Let your imagination go and your creativity expand!  Please bring your own adhesive – whatever you have that will bond with cardboard (I like super glue), scissors, x -acto or box cutter.

If you have questions, contact Joye at 

This is the kind of creative exploration/play we can do with these packing crates.  This one utilized acrylic paint, beads, car part, branches, and a plastic planter (upside down).  It will hold up in your courtyard or patio if you seal it.  Join us and turn the ordinary into something extraordinary!

Egg cartons and wine packing crates can be used for this creative play – Joye has plenty of crates/cartons to work with but you can also bring your own.  Remember, this is not a class, it’s creative fun!  Hope to see you there! 

P.S.  Have you visited the new Blick art materials store?  17520 N. 75th Ave – Glendale. If you are taking classes, let them know you are a student for a discount.  It’s a great store!

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