Newsletter August 2022

August 2022

Hello everyone,

It’s back to school time already and time for our League to be thinking about and preparing for the upcoming year’s activity. We sent the proposed calendar to the Trilogy Team the first of July for approval and now can advertise our schedule. VP/Program Chair Carole Hubiak and Communications Chair Jorge Pereira have downloaded information onto our new website: so you can begin to plan your art activities for the year. Please report any problems with our schedule or other difficulties with the new site to me at

The dates for the Art Walk are November 12 and 13. Jorge Pereira and Shan Koenig will be heading up the show, guided by the schedule Marylee Marks established in her many years of leading this event. Jorge and Shan will send out the ‘call to artists’ in mid- September. Please look for information on the website and in your mailboxes as September is right around the corner. You must be a member to participate. If you haven’t joined, you many do so on the website. Dues are $20/year. You will be apprised of other costs (usually not more than $25) for participation in the show.

Other events to look forward to: (1) Pop up meeting on October 3 for those interested in participating in the Art Walk, (2) League Swap Meet – October 14 (information on the website), (3) first meeting of the year October 17 with a Pop Up session to follow, (4) classes and workshops begin in October and feature a Design Workshop led by our own talented Christine Sherer and Maureen Fairbanks on October 22 and a field trip to the studio of Beth Zink on November 2.

New Trilogy resident Linda Zimmerman, who is a potter, is interested in working to find room for a pottery studio. The Trilogy Design Center will soon be available to the community and “Town Meetings” will be held to get input from residents. In a notice from Jennifer Thomasson yesterday, a meeting is set for Tuesday, September 20, a 11am in the Tewa Room. We talked about this at our last meeting and Trish King and Deb Spiger are willing to serve on a committee to follow up. Ellen Pressman and LaDonna Adair have also expressed interest in following up on this and we hope more of you will join them. Let me know if you are interested. This is the time to work together and to finally have a place for our
potters and 3D artists to work.

We have great activities and classes scheduled. It will be wonderful to see everyone in the fall!

Be well and stay creative,

Joye Melby, Artisans League President

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