From the President Feb 2023

Hello friends,

This is just a note to let you know about the ‘Pop Up’ scheduled for tomorrow at 3 p.m. in the Artisans Studio.  This is an impromptu gathering to work together on a still life or two that will be set up for anyone who wants to come and work together.  We’ll start at 3pm and can work until 6 (or later).

Join in the fun, bring your sketchbook, canvas and favorite medium to work with.  You can also buy an adult beverage and create your own ‘sip and paint or draw”.  We want to create more opportunities to meet and work together.  So – let’s give this a try!

Other news – Our nominating committee (Trish King, Rennae Ward and Lynne Zimmerman) will be making calls to find who might be interested in running for the position of Vice President.  When Carole Hubiak and I ran for the first time, the group did not have a V.P. so we came onto the board at the same time.  President and Vice President should be elected on alternating terms so that there is always a leader with experience on the board.  So, at this time Carole is stepping down (she’ll be available to help the new V.P.) and we will elect a new V.P. in May.  Please consider taking on the position and say ‘yes’ when the nominating committee calls.

The position of Secretary is also open.  Our present secretary Marylee Marks has indicated a willingness to continue in that position.  If anyone would also like to have your name on the ballot for this position, please let the committee know when they call.

Thanks to our ArtWalk committee, Shan Koening, Jorge Pereira (along with willing help from Michael Gebhardt) who have been working hard on behalf of all of us who are participating in the ArtWalk.  May you all have the energy you need to get everything done for a great show.

And finally, please put April 20 on your calendar.  We will meet at 2 pm for our final General Meeting of the year.

I hope to see you soon,

Joye Melby

Artisan League President

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