Trilogy Arts and Crafts League
General Meeting Minutes
January 20, 2020

Board Members Present

President, Lisa Magrane
Secretary, Karen Perry
Treasurer, Kim Fisher
Past President and Advisor, Shan Koenig


Vice President, Vacant
Exhibition Chairs, Lawrence Levy and Marylee Marks



Lisa called the meeting to order at 2:00PM and introduced the board members to the group.  There were 19 members present.

Dues Payments

Lisa told the group that fees for exhibitors in the March 15th Art Show are likely to be increased.  There will be 34 spaces for artists and the possibility more if spaces are shared.

Nomination Committee

Volunteers were sought to serve as the Nominating Committee.  The positions of President and Vice President will need to be filled.  New positions of Webmaster and Programming Committee will be added to the Board and will also need to be filled.  Lisa volunteered to serve as the Webmaster. Marie Britten and Ellen Kimbal volunteered for the Nominating Committee.
Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Lisa and Shan highlighted some of the upcoming classes and workshops.  The trip to Tubac has had an overwhelming response with a third bus added.

Treasurer’s Report

Kim reported that as of January 20th the TACL checking account balance was $2,198.32.  She has a deposit of $38.24 to make which will bring the balance to $2,236.56.

The Club currently has 96 members.

Exhibition Coordinators’ Report

Both Coordinators were unable to attend the meeting.  Lisa told the group that the Call to Artists for the March 15th show will go out in the next couple of weeks.  Show hours will remain 9:00AM-3:00PM.

Open Forum

Lisa was asked about Board positions and gave an overview of various roles.

The question of whether there will be a trip to the Tempe Art Show was raised.  The Lifestyle Team is already scheduled that day for other events so they will be unable to chaperone the trip.  Lisa requested that people interested in carpooling to the event contact her via email and she will assist in organizing that.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30PM and was followed by a watercolor painting demonstration by Deborah Nielson.

Next meeting is scheduled for February 10, 2020.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Perry

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