Featured Artist – Now Monthly

Outside the many person-to-person meetings, classes, events and popups, our club website is a great way to help us communicate and share ideas and thoughts. We have amazingly talented artisans in our club, and a lot of us remain unknown to each other… Just this weekend I met another fellow artist, an actual member of the club, which showed me photos of her art form — AMAZING! I had no idea. (I am told this happens all the time!)

This prompted us to re-ignite an original idea we had for the site to feature our talented artists on our site monthly!

Starting May 2023 we will featuring a different artist every month — If you want

When you log in to the site, you land on the home page you will see the section there – You click on the links for the featured artist and you will have bio, photos and related information for the artist… (see graphic below )

Club Members,
if you want to be featured send us a note or leave a comment below. and if you need help creating your featured artist page please send us a note. We can help you!

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