Desert Sunset: Painting with Betty Carr


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Betty is a popular returning teacher at Trilogy. In this one day class she will teaching watercolor as the painting medium.

Date: February 23, 9 to 4.

Cost: $65.00, to be paid in cash or check at the beginning of the class. Materials list see below.

Register directly with Betty at, call or text 928-301-4251

8 students minimum and 15 student maximum


Watercolor supply list:Paints: Alizarin Crimson, Antwerp Blue (Ultramarine Blue), Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Permanent Rose, Windsor red, Cobalt blue, Manganese Blue, Cadmium Orange, Cobalt Violer, Burnt Orange, opaque white, cadmium scarlet, Sap green, Carr yellow (American Journey)

Palette: Robert Wood, Pike, Robbie Laird, Cheap Joes

Paper: D’Arch 40lb cold press, D’Arch watercolor blocks are fine. I prefer watercolor sheets to make my own watercolor sketchbook. 300lb D’arch can also used.

Watercolor Board: Watercolor board, Gator Board, Foam core (double thick) for stretching watercolor paper. Bring a couple of different sizes. Easle of choice is optional.

Brushes:Incorporate your favorites, #8, #10, #12, #14, etc. Also a couple of smaller round/flat brushes for details. 1″ to 1/2″ for washes. Pallet knife for scratching details and textural work, small fitch (cheap joes), or a small, short, stiff brush to lift the edges and lights. Recommended brushes: Joe Miller signature series 50/50 Brushes. Silver Black velvet stripper. Note: We will be using expressive, impressionistic strokes for fantastic results.

Misc.: Liquid Frisket, spray bottle, paper towels, salt, sponge, rubber cement pick up, masking tape, baby tooth brush, small bar of soap, q-tips, kleenex.

Books: “Seeing In the Light an artists guide” by Betty Carr, “Hawthorne on Painting” by Mrs. Charles Hawthorne. “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri