PORTRAIT DRAWING (March 2024 Session)



Portrait Drawing

Portrait drawing is often requested by beginning and even advanced students who just want more practice working with this subject.  This class will provide information and practice that will help all students develop skills to draw the human portrait.  You will learn facial types, proportions, placement of features and how to draw the features themselves.

During the first two sessions, you will draw in your sketchbook using graphite pencils and learn to measure proportions using “sighting”.  We will work from images of famous actors.

At the beginning of the third session, you will draw a 16 X 20 portrait using a grid for accuracy.  The drawing will be done on colored canson drawing paper and you will use conte crayon as a medium (the final drawing will utilize both the third and fourth sessions).   This will be a great learning experience. Join in the fun!

Cost:  $100 / 4 sessions/ 12 hours

Dates:  March 5, 11, 18, 25     Noon – 3p

BIO Page:  Instructor: Joye Melby


Materials fee – $10 (you will need to bring your own sketchbook)

For information or to register contact Joye Melby      jemelby12@gmail.com

You can pay for the class on the first day of class with cash, check or credit card