Doodling 101 – Success Fun!

WOW! — BIG THANK YOU!! to everyone who attended yesterday’s session (17 people!)

I can truly say that for me, a new “art” instructor, it was simply: A LOT OF FUN!

Presentation I used can be found below

Always remember the news:

#1 – There are NO MISTAKES


It was absolutely a pleasure and privilege to see the everyone working on your doodles and the results were amazing!

It would be GREAT post your doodles in the comments below… Also let me know if your would like to see a Doodling 101.5 session 🙂

(Just take a look at the pictures of everyone having fun and comparing their doodles below)

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  1. Doodling is so underrated! Jorge reminded us all how much fun the repetition of shape and line can be. He made such a fun afternoon! MORE! MORE! MORE!

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