Board Meeting Dec.13, 2022

Artisans League Board Meeting

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Meeting called to order at 10:05am by President Joye Melby. Additional Board members present:  Mike Gebhardt, Treasurer, Marylee Marks, Secretary, Jorge Pereira, Communications Director, Shan Koenig, Co-chair Art Walk.

Shan and Jorge gave a detailed analysis of the Art Walk, including a review of the participating artist’s post-event survey.

The survey results are posted to the League website.

Art Walk considerations for March 2023:

Increase the number of artists using the Mita club location by including the outdoor spaces which are under roof and weather protected.

After annual dues are satisfied, ($10.00 renewal, $20.00 new member), a flat fee of $25.00 will be charged to register for the Art Walk.  This will cover promotional expenses and eliminate a payment deadline later.

Responding to many visitors noting the difficulty driving from home to home, it will be suggested artists co-ordinate to create homes where several participate together.

Participants requesting the current Art Walk yard sign may order one when registering for the event.  These will be purchased on artist’s behalf. Coordinators will request volunteers to distribute them.

The current yard sign will be used during the March 2023 show, then retired. The new sign has been designed and will be required for the November 2023 event. A picture of the new design is available on the League website.

At this time, the event hours will remain Saturday & Sunday 9am-3pm.  Artists will be reminded those days and hours are theirs to use as they wish.  However, if artists commit to both days, it is expected they will be available to visitors during that time.

The League has obtained seven street signs. More event posters will be printed for those extra signs. Still looking for volunteers to store these signs as well as set up and retrieve from each placement location during the event.

Responding to the visitor feedback, the Kiva and Mita artist directories may be rearranged alphabetically by last name to offer a symmetrical presentation.

Additional discussion:

Jorge is looking for a volunteer who can field general website questions (nothing technical) when he is unavailable and eventually increase responsibility to include managing the calendar of events. Example: if a class is canceled, the website will reflect that information in a timely manner.

Jorge has had a request for volunteers to work with the Vistancia school system to offer art classes.

Jorge suggested a semiannual art auction at the Kiva club. This would be a “silent auction” where interested parties bid on paper during the auction period.  This would keep art in the Kiva club and therefore, in the public eye. The proceeds raised would be contributed to the Pottery/Ceramics Studio renovation costs.

Mike suggested a summer program of classes for those interested in basic drawing and use of color. Jorge has offered the use of several DVDs of various art mediums for anyone willing to set up and show them at the Artisans Studio during the summer months. The League also has several DVDs members may not be aware of.

As the Studio is used for many other events, open time is often confusing.

Mike suggests the need to coordinate the entire Artisans Studio schedule each month and post it for general information. Posted on MTL and a printed hard copy in the Studio itself would be very helpful.

Treasurer report:

Balance of $4,524.00.

 Mike suggests an offer of $3000.00 in earnest money as a show of interest in going forward with the Pottery/Ceramic studio renovations. This is a smaller commitment than initially proposed during the Design Center transition team meeting in November.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40am

Respectfully submitted,

Marylee Marks,

League Secretary

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