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Board Election Under way

The election for board positions is under way –

After a bit of a delay by the ElectionBuddy system the electronic ballots have been sent to all 115 active members and as of now people are voting! — 🙂 If you do not see it in your mailbox, please check your spam or junk email folder!

Positions up for elections are: President and Vice-President

Happy voting!!

Below is the email I sent on Tuesday April 19

Date / Time Sent: Tue, Apr 19, 8:17 PM

Subject: The Artisans League at Trilogy in Vistancia – Candidates

From: Doodling Jorge jorge @ doodlingjorge.com

Hello fellow Trilogy artisans! 

My first communications to you all in my communications role for the club.
You are receiving this because you are an active member of The Artisans League at Trilogy in Vistancia (formerly known as Trilogy Arts and Crafts League) 

As noted in the last general meeting, voting for the positions of President and Vice-President will open up at noon on Thursday April 21, 2022 and will remain open until noon  Monday April 25, 2022.  The vote will be sent directly from ElectionBuddy system, so please be on the lookout for it on Thursday afternoon

We asked each of the volunteer candidates to prepare a short bio to provide to the membership prior to the voting.   What they provided follows: 

Candidates for President

Joye Melby –   

My passion for art and art education has always dictated my actions. It led me to get involved with the Art League several years ago. It has been exciting to participate in our bi-annual art shows and get to know members of our organization. My goal as president in the last two years has been to provide more activities for our members to get to know one another and build a strong community. As relationships expand and we learn with and from one another, our organization becomes stronger. It is my goal to engage more members in committee activities to build these relationships.

I would like to continue as your president and build on the activities we have already started. Our two art walks provide an avenue for the forty members who participate to show their work to Trilogy residents and neighbors. We have 112 members and I want all of us to get something out of the League through the “Pop Up’ sessions we’ve started and more social engagements like the “Mix and Mingle” started by our able Social Committee. That’s my goal, to get to know you and provide opportunities for all of us to grow together.

Lisa Magrane – 

Following my BFA from The School of Visual Arts and my MFA at Hunter College (CUNY) I taught ceramics in Brooklyn to middle schoolers. I moved to a career in computer graphics when the internet arrived. Although I was creating art during this time, it wasn’t a career.

After years in the tech world, I had the desire to get back to creating with my hands, getting dirty! I opened my custom cake business and successfully ran it for 10 years. Rhapsody Cakes, located in LI, NY. I don’t love baking, but I enjoyed designing and sculpting cakes. I got good at it, still getting calls from former clients begging for cake, even after having moved to Arizona in 2016.  I loved getting my hands into chocolate clay and making it come to life. Long hours had me spending lots of time in the shop & on the road, away from family. I left the cake making & deliveries to others & began back on my artistic journey–the kind you can’t eat.

I’ve been painting and creating since we’ve moved to Arizona. I’m enjoying the freedom to create freely without a deadline or specific customer “order” as the cake business dictated. I do miss seeing people’s faces when they finally saw their special cake. It was truly a wonderful feeling to be able to make someone happy with cake!

I’m now a full-time artist, working in my home studio. I’m back to my roots in fine art and enjoy creating it as well as creating inspiration for the viewers of my art.

Candidates for Vice-President

Carole Hubiak – 

The Art League was the first club I joined upon moving to Trilogy four years ago.  As a result of the instruction, support, and guidance provided by league members, I now consider myself an artist. Expressing myself through abstract painting using mixed media, my work now shows successfully in several galleries and in multiple shows.

During my 50-year career as a Nurse Anesthetist, banking on my communication and organization strengths, I was elected multiple times to lead positions, and served in a managerial capacity.

I have served as Vice-President of the league for the past two years. Due to Covid, many of the scheduled outside instructors were forced to cancel classes and member participation dropped. Despite these setbacks, I have worked diligently in tandem with the Board to generate new ideas, increase member participation, and implement a new, user-friendly website, new classes for all artist levels, and, most importantly, extend kindness, excitement and support to each member.

Jennifer Hastings – 

As a young girl I had the opportunity to visit a Native American Market and became fascinated with their beadwork. That visit started my passion for design and creation. I studied art at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. After that I began to explore different creative areas such as painting techniques, computer graphics, sewing, and weaving. I found my creative outlet in the form of jewelry design and bead weaving. I have served on the boards of the Rocky Mountain Bead Society as Program Director, one of the leading bead societies in the nation and the Lonetree Beaders Guild. I am a published glass artist and have won international awards for my work. I have also taught numerous classes in bead art design and jewelry design

Web page containing this information:   April 2022 – Ballot BIOS – The Artisans League

Thank you all !

Jorge Pereira
Artist at: DoodlingJorge.com

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