2024-2025 Board Members Announcement

As we move forward into the next year of our club’s journey, we are pleased to announce the following individuals to serve in key leadership roles of our board:

  1. President:  Jorge Pereira 
  2. Vice President: Doug Hemler
  3. Treasurer: Michael Gebhart
  4. Secretary: Marylee Marks
  5. Programming:   Catherine (Cappy) Santini

In addition to the board members, we have the following Working committees:

  • Welcoming New Members:  Joann  Heutmaker
  • ArtWalk Committee: Lynda Zimmer / Jorge Pereira
  • Website / Communications:   Jorge Pereira (looking for a volunteer!)

All of these volunteers look forward to contributing to the success of our collective club which as of May 30,2024, stands at 138 member strong !  That is a lot of talented Artisans

No Need for a Vote:

Due to the absence of multiple contenders for each position, there will be no need for a formal vote. We are confident that the selected board members will serve our club with integrity, enthusiasm and dedication to preserving the Mission/Vision and core goals of the club.  

Transition Period:

The outgoing board members will work closely with their successors during the transition period to ensure a seamless handover. We appreciate their hard work and dedication over the past term.

Upcoming Events:

Many of our members are back to their summer homes and the calendar year is winding down for the summer months!    For those of us that brave the summer in Arizona, if you have any ideas, please bring them forward, or visit the Open Studio time on Mondays 12:00 to 3:00pm and our website is the hub for information and collaboration above that!    The next BIG event will be the 2024 Fall Art Walk   to take place November 9 & 10, 2024More info to be posted here as the event comes closer. 

Thank you for your continued support, and let’s look forward to an exciting year ahead!

Post a blog and share your thoughts on our website at TheArtisansLeague.com 

Cheers everyone!

YOUR Artisans League Team –  

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