I have been doing art since I was a young girl. Although I am a self-taught artist, I have taken many classes over the years to fine tune my various areas of art. I love to create in many areas of arts and crafts. I use oils and acrylics to create paintings that inspire me from abstract to pet portraits. I see creations in my mind all the time. Then I experiment to create something unique like my ‘ARTSY LADIES’ or my collages or my ‘TOOBS’ or my jewelry or broken china jewelry or mosaics.

I started teaching workshop classes last year and I get a lot of satisfaction to see my students, who think they have no creativity, finish a project that they are so proud of. I love sharing my art ability and all the ‘stuff’ I accumulated with others who want to create.

You can contact me at: teapotldy@gmail.com

You can find me on Pinterest @teapotldy1

List of Upcoming clasess from Suzi:

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