FALL ART WALK, 2022 – Call for Trilogy Artists

The next Arts and Crafts Walk is scheduled for Saturday November 12 and Sunday November 13, 2022, from 9:00 to 3:00. This will be a home-based show similar to the last few, where one or more Trilogy artists gather at a Trilogy home and show their work from their garage, courtyard or whatever space makes sense. A fun day for everyone!

There will be a comprehensive map and directory including all registered participants. The maps will be available at the clubhouses and main gates to the community.

Registration closes at noon on Oct 11, 2022. (See fine print section below) This will be followed by a request for fee payment to cover advertising, printing of maps and directories. Exact amount to be determined but should be approximately $20. .

Feel free to pass this forward to other Trilogy residents you may know that would be interested in participating. The more people participating the better.

There is a voluntary pop-up meeting scheduled October 3, 2022, at the Artisan Studio, Mita Club at 3:30-4:30 to discuss the show, answer any questions and help artists prepare for a successful show. In addition, for those who would like to find other artist(s) to show work together, this would be a perfect opportunity to explore the possibilities.

The Call For Artists announcements is being distributed as follows:

  1. via email to current members of The Artisans League,
  2. posted on My Trilogy Life (MTL), and
  3. posted on The Artisans League website which is http://theartisansleague.com

Feel free to check out the Trilogy Art Walk Frequently Asked Questions for more info.

If you have questions, please contact Shan Koenig or Jorge Pereira, Co-Chairs for the Fall Art Walk 2022

Shan KoenigMishkoe1@gmail.com425-492-6871
Jorge Pereiradoodlingjorge@gmail.com425-269-6722


  1. All participants in the show must be members of The Artisans League, with current dues having been paid. If you are just now joining The Artisans League, or need to renew your membership, go to http://theartisansleague.com and follow the instructions there to pay dues. Please do not begin the registration process without having paid dues. If you need assistance with this, please contact us via contact form
  2. All items in the show shall be original creations made by the participant.
  3. No showing of other people’s work, like friends or relatives who do not live in Trilogy or are not members of the Artisans League Club
  4. No re-selling retail items.
  5. Registration closes is at noon on October 11, 2022



Thank you to all that have registered

Look for further details and information in your email soon.

Contact us using contact form if you have questions