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Marci Callen

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Hi!  My husband and I moved to Trilogy 2 years ago, after spending 30 years on a barrier island off of the North Carolina coast. Four years ago, I was involved in their Garden Club, and all members were assigned to create 2 pieces of artwork for an upcoming Club Charity Sale.  I had never painted before, but found 4 colors of house paint in the garage and 2 old bookcase shelves, and  . . .  lo and behold, I painted ocean waves, and palm trees.  Not only that, but SOMEONE BOUGHT THEM!
I have not been actively painting for a while, but decided to pull out the paints that had not disintegrated, and have been adding mountain-scapes, desert-scapes, and southwestern images to my collection.  If I can figure out how to link my gallery, I will add them. Please take the time to check out the Trilogy Artisans League, and I hope to meet you at an Art Walk, someday!
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